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Five and Fun ( Red Ribbon ) Program  Watch our high impact message to your students in a way they can readily receive.Sounds of Knowledge master performers will break down the barriers our young people put up by meeting them


I plan to change the game – Patterson says. “I have a simple but powerful plan. I’m starting a Temp service for up and coming Rock, Hip Hop, R&B and Country artists. We will train and develop these artist on


There is no man more fitting of the description “A Man On A Mission” than Roderick Patterson, aka Sir Rod. His positive outlook awards him tremendous success for many years. As a resident of Atlanta, GA, he has founded several organizations, such as the Sounds of

Now is The Time To Bring Sir Rod To Your School

Powerful Presentation!!!

Our Students Loved It!!! I'm a Hero Now:) Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Barbara Smith School Counselor


I've been bringing in programs in our school for over 10 years... I've never had a program that had EVERY STUDENT engaged. Great Job!!!

Mr. Weaver Panolaway Elemenary Counselor